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Brain banks are used to gather, store, and provide human brain tissue for research and have been fundamental to improving our knowledge of the brain in health and disease.
Sri Lanka has established 1. A Brain Bank screened for neurodegenerative and stroke pathologies using molecular genetic techniques carried out in 76 Sri Lankan (and 50 Indian human aging brain samples – Largest study ever done across 2 countries in South Asia).
The one only “Brain Bank’ in Sri Lanka with 76 brain tissue and cerebral arteries non demented autopsy brain samples studied by histopathological/immunohistochemical techniques on autopsy human brain samples for neuroanatomy/neuropathology and genotyping for selective candidate genes respectively for pathologies from Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Dementia with Lewy Body Disease, Multiple System Taupathy with Dementia, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and Argyrophilic grain pathology.

2. A Bio-Repository- DNA bio-bank with socio-demographic, food habits, environmental conditions and clinical data of OVER 2500 patients and controls with stroke, neurodegenerative (Alzheimer, Parkinson diseases, etc) and neuromuscular diseases.
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June 20, 2018

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February 28, 2018

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June 30, 2018

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